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What is GOOGLE Colab?

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Google Colaboratory in short “Colab” is a research project by Google where Students, data scientiestm AI researcher can work easily with Python (Jupyter notebook like environment). No configuration needed, easily collaborate-able  and shareable, GPU access is provided if needed to compute with big resources.


Why we need Colab?

As a data scientist and Machine learning practitioner, most of us uses Jupyter Notebook, an open source application to run your code in python.

And while running code to train and test machine learning model for a mid size dataset takes a lots of computation power and resources of your local laptop. In most of the time you can’t do anything else on that machine for longer period of time while the code is running.

For the above scenario google colab comes to play a greater role. You upload the dataset and the code in the colab environment and hit run and it takes GPU and RAM from google datacenters machine as much needed.


A screen shot of colab notebook below:


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3 years ago

Nice and Short…good

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