AutoML- Automated Machine Learning

What is AutoML?


(Image from

Automated Machine learning(AutoML) is one of the many tools of the data science toolkit that help data scientists to develop machine learning models faster. As it provides methods and processes to make Machine Learning available for non-Machine Learning experts, whereas for experts to improve efficiency of Machine Learning and to accelerate research and implementation. 

The above image show the AutoML is working in Google Cloud AutoML platform .

Why AutoML became poplular?

In AutoML, it does most of the major tasks for machine learning like feature engineering, model selection and hyperparameter tuning. Dong those tasks manually may consume lots of important time from the data scientist.

AutoML used in production, research, prototyping are getting more and more popular and reliable day by day, as more and more vendors and open source community are coming with better methodologies and algorithm to do the AutoML task. 

Below i have shown few of the vendors AutoML in a mindmap. The mindmap link is also given below, if anyone is interested to download and use. 

The MindMap Link

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