Joomla! site migration to AWS Lightsail

Many corporations and organizations utilize Joomla! CMS is all over the internet, and it is still a popular choice for many.These CMS sites are hosted in different web hosting companies and more and more companies are relying on cloud servcies like AWS, AZURE, GCP etc.

Among them “Amazon Lightsail is a cloud platform that’s cost-effective, fast, & reliable with an easy-to-use interface. It’s ideal for simpler workloads, quick deployments, and getting started on AWS.” And many are moving their sites to that.

Here in this post we will try to guide how to move the Joomla! site to a AWS lightsail.


  • Take the backup of the joomla site using Akeeba Backup.
  • Create an instance in AWS lightsail, and attach a static IP with that.
  • Login using SFTP client like WinSCP in the lightsail instance
  • go to the folder /bitnami/joomla and delete all the files and folder inside that
  • Upload the Akeeba backup file (.jpa) in that /bitnami/joomla folder., with the kickstart Akeeba.
  •  Run the kickstart using http://yourIP/kickstart.php


You need to set the right permissions, database info etc to setup these.

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